VC Support Services

Unlock the value of your acquisition. merger. integration.

Partner with a team that has operationalized countless mergers, acquisitions, and integrations. Realize the value of the deal as quickly as possible and unlock the synergies between the two organizations.


From Fragmented to fused. aligned. integrated.

Operating partners at VCs don’t have time to execute in the weeds on GTM ops and strategy. We’ll bring and implement an entire blueprint that gives you both control and distance.

Business Process Alignment

Seamlessly align the GTM processes between both organizations. Align teams, goals, and the GTM lifecycle to streamline the new organization.

Systems Integration

Empower the team with an aligned GTM tech stack. Take control of the business with a unified CRM and enable visibility and insights across the entire organization.

Data Hygiene and Stewardship

Who is a customer? Which accounts are churned? What products are used by each customer? Align your data and create actionable insights.

Partner with a LeanScale Operating Team

➤  Flexible 3 Month Engagements
➤  Best Practices at Each Stage of Growth
➤  Consulting + Technical Startup Talent

Layer in Strategic Projects

➤ Growth Modeling
➤ TAM ICP Analysis
➤ Sales Territory Redesign
➤ And So Much More


Case Studies That Speak For Themselves