VC Support Services

Get support for early-stage Series A Series B portfolio companies.

Setup and maintain the right operating foundation to get your product to market.

Powering startups from top VCs around the world.

Your support matters

Don’t let ops be the reason your portco fails.

Operating partners at VCs don’t have time to execute in the weeds on GTM ops and strategy. We’ll bring and implement an entire blueprint that gives you both control and confidence.

Growth Brings Constant Change

Startups need a new operating system at each stage of growth. This requires your team to constantly invent how to best manage portfolio companies.

Internal Experience Can Be Limited

Many leadership teams lack the experience to know what ‘good’ looks like at the next stage of growth.

Stay focused on Strategy

Let LeanScale focus on the operations and revenue engine, you focus on helping founders and their team make critical decisions.

Partner with a LeanScale Operating Team

➤  Flexible 3 Month Engagements
➤  Best Practices at Each Stage of Growth
➤  Consulting + Technical Startup Talent

Layer in Strategic Projects

➤ Growth Modeling
➤ TAM ICP Analysis
➤ Sales Territory Redesign
➤ And So Much More


Case Studies That Speak For Themselves