The Team that’s Reimagining RevOps

We’re passionate about attracting the best startup talent and taking a team approach to developing the most comprehensive RevOps capabilities. We’re not just consultants or contractors, we’re on the same team as our customers, and invested in their growth journey.

Startup Operator Experience

Because it makes a difference. LeanScale is built by former startup operators from B2B technology companies. We have been in your position and have experienced first hand the challenges you’re facing.

Proactive Approach

Not a contractor you need to babysit. We’re not order takers, we identify and solve problems before you know they even exist. We’re not sitting on the sidelines waiting for a request, we’re actively looking for ways to optimize your revenue operation.

Assigned Team Members

Because business context matters. Your team gets better and better as they spend more time with you and your business. We don’t switch consultants from project to project, we know business context matters and you don’t need to waste your time getting someone new up to speed.

Broad Scope and Capabilities

We have a dynamic team and access to experts in every area of revenue operations. Give us a problem, and we can solve it. When it comes to new tools, new ways to measure your GTM engine, or novel operational approaches, we’re always testing the limits of what’s possible and helps our customers.

Long Term Partnerships

We get more efficient and effective the longer the partnership continues. We use business context to help provide the best operational solutions possible.

'Lean on Us' Mentality

Don’t worry about what’s “in scope” and focus on growing your revenue machine. Unload the operational burden of RevOps to your LeanScale team. With our broad scope and capabilities we welcome leaning on our team to achieve your goals.

Founded by the team that scaled 3 venture backed startups

Anthony and Sakai worked together in RevOps at 3 scaling technology companies before founding LeanScale. Anthony was the the VP of Revops responsible for overall GTM strategy and operations and Sakai artfully managed all GTM applications throughout the scaling phases of each company.

They have first hand experience of what worked and what didn’t work and created LeanScale to provide access to exceptional RevOps services to any company scaling their business.

Anthony Enrico

Co-Founder and CEO

Henrique Sakai

Co-founder & Chief Architect

Brilliant TEam

The Team that’s Reimagining RevOps/Startups


Partner & COO

Bernardo Alves

Director, Client Engagement

Eduardo Anton

Senior Systems Consultant

Nikki Enrico


Rodolfo Flores

Systems Consultant

Cameron Legge

Director, Client Engagement

Christopher Mardian

Senior Systems Consultant

Izzy Navin

Revenue Operations Analyst

Lucas Preuss

Systems Consultant

Raphael Ribeiro

Systems Consultant

Kenzie Shofner

Engagement Manager

Jake Toepel

Director, Client Engagement

Whitney Yvette

Engagement Manager