Salesforce Implementation and Migration from Pipedrive for
Donal T
"LeanScale provided the playbook and technical expertise to get us up and running in 60 days. We were impressed by the speed, but even more impressed by how smooth and thorough the process was."
Donal Tobin


The Platform allows organizations to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics on the cloud. By providing a coding and jargon-free environment,’s scalable platform ensures businesses can quickly and easily benefit from the opportunities offered by big data without having to invest in hardware, software, or related personnel. To support’s growth, they needed to move to a CRM that could manage the complexity and sophistication of their GTM motion. They brought LeanScale on to implement Salesforce to support their processes and migrate all of their existing data from Pipedrive.


Growth Motion
Sales Led

The Problem

Implementing Salesforce to Current Business Processes had sophisticated processes for sales, marketing, and customer success. They needed Salesforce to support their existing processes as well as streamline what was possible with the Salesforce platform.

Full Sales Funnel Data Visibility Was Needed needed to be able to measure their entire GTM lifecycle from beginning to end. Conversion rates, sales cycles, channel efficiencies, etc. were all paramount to the project.

Migrate and Maintain 10 years of Data was founded in 2012 and had an immense amount of data to migrate from Pipedrive to Salesforce. They needed historical data and historical analytics to be migrated to Salesforce.

Our Solution

Map out and Document Existing GTM Processes
It was important to understand first what worked and how things operated at the time. Before making recommendations LeanScale gets a baseline of current state.
Use the Migration as an Opportunity to Enhance Processes
Before making such a significant systems change, LeanScale recommended using this time as an opportunity to update processes with best practice recommendations.
Design Salesforce and Conduct User Testing
The Salesforce environment was designed with the enhanced processes and LeanScale invited a number of users from sales, marketing, customer success, and executive leadership to test the new design and workflows.
Training and Enablement
Once feedback was incorporated into the build from user testing LeanScale built the final version and provided enablment and training material for the teams to prepare for the migration.
Data Migration
Data migration occurred in two phases. The first phase brought over all of the current data from Pipedrive, the second phase happened during the transition phase of moving users to production.
Ongoing Support
LeanScale continued as’s RevOps team and manages Salesforce, HubSpot, GTM analytics, and their growing needs of aligning their evolving processes with their GTM tech stack.

Key Outcomes

What we have accomplished during our engagement.

Successful Migration in 60 Days

LeanScale was able to go from scoping to go-live in 60 days. Given the complexity and migration requirements this was an impressive timeline.

Full Funnel Metrics Available in SFDC was able to access their full funnel metrics including conversion rates, sales cycles, and market channel efficiency all from Salesforce.

Successfully Scaled GTM Teams

With their new platform they were able to successfully scale their team to meet incredible growth demands. Having the foundation of systems and processes gave them the confidence and ability to faster than ever before.

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