VC Support Services

Get support scaling Series C Series D+ portfolio companies.

Gain strategic support for Series C - D+ startups with focused solutions that address critical growth stages and market expansion.

Powering startups from top VCs around the world.


Efficiently manage and scale rapidly growing changing maturing operations.

In the growth stage, your company faces the challenge of scaling efficiently while adapting to market demands and maintaining operational control. Our team provides the expertise and strategies needed to streamline this expansion, ensuring your operations scale effectively without compromising on quality or agility.

Expertise for Navigating Growth Pains

During rapid growth, encountering new operational and market challenges is common. Our seasoned team assists in guiding your company through these growth pains, ensuring sustained success and scalability.

Complexity Requires Advanced Systems

As your company grows, the need for sophisticated systems to handle increased complexity becomes paramount. We help in building and implementing these systems to support your expansion.

Partner with a LeanScale Operating Team

➤  Flexible 3 Month Engagements
➤  Best Practices at Each Stage of Growth
➤  Consulting + Technical Startup Talent

Layer in Strategic Projects

➤ Growth Modeling
➤ TAM ICP Analysis
➤ Sales Territory Redesign
➤ And So Much More


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