DealHub CPQ Implementation for
"Like every project LeanScale has done for us, they did an incredible job getting our proposal and contracting process developed and completely streamlined with DealHub CPQ"
Tim White
Chief Growth Officer

Overview is revolutionizing the estate planning industry by providing leading AI powered technology solutions to financial advisors, benefits departments, and individuals looking to secure their legacy with an estate plan. As entered a hypergrowth phase they had an immediate need to scale their quoting, proposal, and contracting process. With a significant increase to the number of reps in the field and a high volume of contracts, they needed to ensure an exceptional customer experience and adherence to pricing guidelines. LeanScale led the business process scoping, implementation of DealHub, and integration with Salesforce, enabling to scale efficiently.


Funding Stage
Growth Motion
Sales Led

The Problem

A Quote Creation and Proposal Process Was Needed needed to create the rules of engagement and approval flow processes for creating a quote and getting pricing and terms approved for a customer.

Technology Was Needed to Streamline Process

Once the processes are mapped out, would need a technology solution to streamline the process and make the best user and customer experience possible.

Technical Implementation and Management

Once a technology decision was made, needed the solution to be implemented and continually managed post implementation.

Our Solution

Gather Data and Current User Experience
LeanScale started by diving deep on the current quote and proposal production process with mutliple individual contributors and functional leadership.
Design Proposed Processes
LeanScale developed multiple proposed process flows with varying levels of governance and risk tolerance. These were reviewed and refined with functional leadership and a well defined process was chosen.
Vendor Evaluation
LeanScale believes process chooses technology rather than technology dictating the process. LeanScale reviewed multiple CPQ solutions and produced a decision matrix to leadership.
Vendor Selection
The solution that met the needs of’s quote and proposal process was DealHub and an agreement was made with an implementation proposal delivered.
Implementation and Integration with SFDC
Following vendor selection LeanScale got to work immediately on implementing the solution and integrating with Salesforce.
Ongoing Management and Maintenance
As adjusts pricing, packaging, adds new products, and makes adjustments to their GTM processes, LeanScale is there to assist on process design and technical implementation.

Key Outcomes

What we have accomplished during our engagement.

Fully designed Process and DealHub Implementation

LeanScale leveraged their experience to build best practice processes for, conduct a vendor selection process, and implement the technology in an incredibly short time period.

6 Week Turn Around Time From Design to Go Live

LeanScale was able to go from process design to go live within 6 weeks. A project of this size would typically take 3-6 months to accomplish.

100% Team Adoption With 60% Reduction in Quote Turn Around Time’s team adopted the new processes and technology with a 100% adoption rate and all quotes sent to customers are 100% compliant with pricing and packaging guidelines and a 60% faster turn around time.

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