Sales Capacity Plan and Growth Model for AssemblyAI

Matt W
"LeanScale was able to build a plan we could trust with accurate data from the Salesforce instance they built and manage."
Matt Willis


AssemblyAI is a leading provider of speech recognition and transcription services, catering to a diverse range of industries and customers. To achieve their ambitious goals for the 2023 corporate plan, AssemblyAI recognized the critical need for a comprehensive sales capacity plan. This case study outlines the process and outcomes of developing a robust sales capacity plan, leveraging the company’s current funnel metrics, rep performance, marketing channel efficiency metrics, and modeling multiple investment scenarios.

About AssemblyAI

Funding Stage
Series C
Growth Motion
Sales Led

The Problem

A Full GTM Growth Model Was Needed

AssemblyAI needed a comprehensive approach to modeling their growth across marketing, sales, customer success, partnerships, and product. LeanScale needed to produce a sales capacity plan with a pipeline production plan and CS carry plan to manage post sale.

4 Week Turn Around Time Required

With a high level of urgency to produce the plan, AssemblyAI needed the full model produced and pressure tested within 4 weeks. Models such as these typically take 2-3 months to produce accurately.

Historical Data Needed to Be Incorproated

AssemblyAI needed the plan to be based on accurate historical funnel metrics. Conversion rates, sales cycles, and production rates segmented by channel, individual, firmographic, geographic, industry, and product segmentations.

Our Solution

We Gathered Historical Data
LeanScale had already designed and managed AssemblyAI’s Salesforce instance. We also were regularly providing monthly reporting packs with all of the necessary GTM data metrics. We were able to pull accurate funnel data immediately and begin to benchmark future expectations on historical performance.
Top Down and Bottom Up Modeling
LeanScale follows an integrated planning approach that begins with top down guidance and follows with a bottom up plan. LeanScale was able to incorporate bottom up data and insights to align with top down expectations.
DevelopMENT OF AN Interactive Model
LeanScale developed an interactive model that the AssemblyAI team could collaborate with to change growth levers in real time and update the results of the model. They were able to toggle reps, hire dates, attrition rates, conversion & cycle expectations, etc. all updating in real time.
Scenario Planning
LeanScale created Bull, Bear, and Expected scenarios depending on performance of growth levers. Multiple scenarioes were designed to provide varying levels of confidence in the effectiveness of GTM investment allocation.
Functional and Executive Reviews
LeanScale reviewed plans with functional leadership and executive leadership to pressure test assumptions and document important subjective factors in the plan.
Comprehensive Plan Development
A comprehensive integrated plan was developed for AssemblyAI’s executive leadership team and incorporated into their overall corporate plan. A dynamic model and final presentation was provided.

Key Outcomes

What we have accomplished during our engagement.

Delivered Comprehensive Plan on Time

Fully migrated from Zoho to Salesforce to support the quickly growing organization.

Developed Integrated Goals Across GTM Functions

Set the foundation for vital GTM items from lead source taxonomy to sales staging to forecast methodologies.

AssemblyAI is Currently Meeting Plan Expectations

Fully administers Salesforce and connected tools.

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